Womens Probiotic - Organic Prebiotic with Inulin, 59.5 Billion CFU + Saffron for Digestive, Immune, Vaginal, Mood, 30 Vegan Caps



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  •  Doctors Pick FEM-PRO women’s probiotics are designed for you. Our VEGAN-FRIENDLY probiotics support better mood, milder pre & post-menopausal symptoms, stronger immunity, vaginal and urogenital health, and sounder sleep. With strains like L plantarum for IRON ABSORPTION & promoting a HEALTHY WEIGHT, B infantis, a great IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTER, or L rhamnosus for its SKIN, IBS, & vaginal probiotics benefits, we give you the best probiotics for women.
  •  FEM-PRO is formulated based on 187 doctor-moderated clinical studies. It has 59.5 Billion CFUs of the 17 top researched probiotic strains, and includes our PATENT-PENDING INUBIO Organic Prebiotic with whole-food sources of inulin to support the growth of healthy intestinal bacteria. Contains SAFFRON, found in multiple clinical studies to have MOOD ELEVATING & PMS RELIEVING qualities.
  •  Doctors Pick probiotics are 100% NATURAL, with NO FILLERS or ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS. FEM-PRO undergoes extensive in-house and 3rd party testing, and is manufactured in an NSF certified facility.
  •  We believe in FULL TRANSPARENCY and show the exact amount of each probiotic strain in FEM-PRO, unlike our competitors that just show “proprietary formula”. Our high-quality womens probiotic comes in a special PATENTED bottle to ensure freshness, needs NO REFRIGERATION, is encased in a PATENTED DELAYED RELEASE capsule, and is 100% guaranteed or your money back.
  •  Doctors Pic: As part of our effort to support better women’s health, we donate 2% of our profits to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

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