Radhesive - Washable, Reusable X-Ray Marker Adhesive Strips

Color: Gray
Size: 2-Pack


Radhesive X-ray Marker Adhesive is the # 1 adhesive strip on the market today. These reusable and washable strips are designed to be used in place of tape to stick your markers to the label, badge, etc. No more sticky badges. 

No more marks to fall off. No more replacement tape. * Measurements are 1.5 x 0.7 in. You can easily cut them out with scissors to fit the size of your markers. The adhesive is easily washed with soap and water to regain "stickiness". If you find it to be a little too sticky, just rub the scrubs to make it right for you. 

Manufactured by World of X-ray. You will receive 10 individual adhesive strips in a resealable package, with a badge and a pen holder.

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