Perfect Immune Defense Probiotic - 60 Capsules, Cutting-Edge Spore Probiotics



In formulating our Perfect Immune Defense Probiotic, we utilized not only the highest quality reseeding probiotics, but cutting-edge Spore Probiotics to help recondition your gut and create a perfectly balanced gut biome.

Our probiotics are acid- and bile-resistant and come in a revolutionary delayed-release capsule for an extra layer of protection to ensure they make it into your small intestine where they’re needed.

We highly recommend you get Perfect Immune Defense Probiotic and get the digestion and Immune System protection you need for a healthy gut and a healthy life.

  • Acid and Bile resistant for intestinal survival
  • Helps support your digestive health
  • Contributes to the colonization of your intestinal flora
  • Aids in supporting your immune system
  • Produces significant quantities of lactase to potentially aid in lactose intolerance challenge

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