NoAsh Nicotine Patches - 21 Clear Patches of 21mg - Stop-Smoking Transdermal Patches for 24 Hour Withdrawal Relief, Pack of 2



Nicotine Patches are an effective form of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT).

By providing your body with a controlled amount of nicotine throughout the day you can gradually stop the desire to smoke.

Our Nicotine Patches offer effective relief from nicotine withdrawal symptoms and help to minimize the urge to smoke.

This quick, effective and customizable plan allows for flexible dosage and requires using only one patch for the entire cessation plan.

NOASH Nicotine Patches are completely clear, discreet and super easy to use!

Simply take out a patch, remove the protective film, and apply on a clean, dry area such as the wrist, upper arm, chest, or thigh.

Apply it in the morning and experience freedom from cravings all day long!

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