Natural, Low-Fragrance Commercial and Residential Air Freshener Starter Kit



Wall Mounted, Battery Operated Automatic Dispenser, Odor Eliminator, and Fragrancing System.

This natural, low-fragrance starter kit comes with two batteries, and two fragrance cartridges - one Kleer and one Neutra-Lox. These low-intensity fragrances are excellent for those who are very sensitive to over-powering fragrances, or where a neutral scent is needed but odor challenges need to be solved, such as a healthcare facility, a food service operation, or closets and locker rooms.

Dispenser, Cartridges and Batteries Included

Unlike other systems that only mask odors, Oxygen-Pro cartridges eliminate odors and release fragrance effectively.

This starter kit contains everything you need to get started.


An extremely high concentrate of neutra-lox with just a hint of lemongrass fragrance. This is the ideal choice for areas where fragrance is not desired.


Kleer uses plant oils as the active ingredient to neutralize malodors. With a blend of 100% plant oils, Kleer is the ideal choice for health care facilities and hotel rooms.

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