Mint Bucket Brands Foam Car Wash Gun Sprayer + Microfiber Mitt - Rich Suds - Attach to Garden Hose - Car Cleaning Foam – Mix w Car Wash Soap and Water - Auto Detailing Kit



  • EFFICIENT & CONVENIENT - Our car washing kit includes all that you need to wash your car at home: Car Wash Foam Blaster with Spray Bottle, Foam Nozzle, Garden Hose Connector, Hose Sprayer and Washers, and Microfiber Mitt
  • EASY TO USE - coat your vehicle with thick layer of suds. No pressure washer needed, only your garden hose. These are the only car cleaning supplies you need for great results. Auto car wash at home was never so easy
  • FITS ANY GARDEN HOSE - Quick Hose Connect with Adaptor connects your car wash foam gun with only one click. Ditch your old car cleaning bucket
  • SAVES YOU MONEY - the wide high pressure hose nozzle significantly cuts down on your auto wash time, and water usage. Using our auto foam sprayer is much more economical than a regular car wash
  • 5 DILUTION SETTINGS - You can set how much shampoo and car cleaning foam you want to use, depending on how soiled your car is

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