Any Pet Indoor Dog Training Toilet (Pink)



  • Simple Clean Up - Removable mesh grate makes cleaning a breeze. High quality mesh grate design to allow quick and easy drainage. Keeps paws clean and dry so no more pee tracks around the house. Designed with two secure lock in clamps to keep out mischievous pups so no more torn puppy pads. To clean, simply wash with soap and water.
  • Practical - Great for indoor potty training new puppies. Great solution that offers pet owners and pets the flexibility to stay indoors when not able to "GO" outside.
  • Versatile - This durable and portable pet potty trays can be used in any situation and be taken practically anywhere. Super lightweight, our potty trays can be taken on the go for any occasion. Indoor uses include, homes, apartments, condos, bathroom or dog kennel/playpen. Outdoor uses include, porch, patio, deck, or yard.
  • Design - Modern sleek design that comes in 6 unique colors that fit you and your pets personality as well as fit your home decor. Made with high quality durable material to ensure long term use. Elevated design to protect from your floors from accidents and spills. All potty trays come with 4 anti-slip rubber bases to ensure optimal safety for your pets.
  • Assembly & Training - No assembly or tools required. When training new puppies and pets to the potty trays, its best to get them familiar and accustomed to using the disposable pee pad first. Once your pet has successfully "gone" on the pee pad, transition the used pad on top of the potty tray. After using this method several times and your pet becomes comfortable, insert the pad under the grate and reward your pet with a treat for a job well done.

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