Airplane Seat Covers (with Armrest) 2 SETS : Disposable Also for Theater and Restaurants

Color: Pink


• COMES IN SET: Vital Elements disposable airplane seat cover comes in 2
sets. Complete with 2 seat covers and 4 arm covers.
• FITS MOST CHAIRS: Vital Elements chair seat covers fit most chairs. It's
a great disposable airplane seat covers for travel that you can bring
with you anytime, anywhere!
• AVOID GERM HAVENS: With Vital Elements plane seat covers
disposable, you can create a barrier between you & your seat to
protect you from all germs. Our tray liners fit the security area trays so
you can avoid those germ havens & travel worry-free.
• TRAVEL MUST HAVE: Vital Elements disposable chair covers are not
only for airplane seats. It works with any chairs like the one in theaters
and restaurants! Use it whenever and wherever you need to.
• BIODEGRADABLE: Vital Elements don't just bring you fashionable and
functional products. We don't just care about your safety, but we also
care about our environment. Our disposable chairs seat covers are

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