Alumaloy - As Seen On TV, Aluminum Repair Rods

Unit Count: 5 Rods


About the Product:

  • ALUMALOY as seen on TV is an easy to use, fluxless & arcless aluminum repair rod.
  • Watch Alumaloy in action on youtube key word Alumaloy
  • The benefit of Alumaloy is the 500 ° differential in melting temperature requirements
  • Alumaloy melts at close to 728 ° F whereas aluminum melts at near 1220 ° F.
  • Tensile Strength 39,000 psi, compression strength 60,000 to 75,000 psi

Alumaloy is a superior welding product resulting in NO flux and NO expensive welding equipment needed.

Alumaloy breaks down at 728° F and is stronger than Aluminum. Alumaloy's superiority to other products is derived from a superior magnesium mixture resulting in less sparks, making it easier to use and extremely durable.

As seen on TV, Alumaloy is a fluxless repair rod. All that is required for use is a propane torch and something to clean the aluminum surface being repaired.

Alumaloy can fill holes as large as a dime without dripping through and is extremely strong when cooled.

Alumaloy is often many times stronger than the aluminum that is being repaired. Repairs can be made using lap joints, butt joints, mitered joints and used in just about anything made of aluminum, including windows, boats, doors frames, and aluminum blocks.

Alumaloy can be drilled, tapped, polished and painted. Above pictures are just a few of items you can repair with Alumaloy.

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