24 Hour Defense Foaming Hand Sanitizer | Kills 99.99% Of Germs | Stays Effective Throughout Hand Washings For 24 Hours Of Lasting Protection | Rich, Moisturizing Foam | Fragrance Free | Travel 4 Pack



  • 24 HOURS OF PROTECTION: with just one application, Everest alcohol free hand sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs and remains effective through numerous hand washings for as long as 24 hours; this means that you and your loved ones remain protected throughout the day without having to repeatedly apply any hand sanitizer foam
  • ELIMINATES BACTERIA AND GERMS WITHOUT TOXIC CHEMICALS: Everest alcohol free hand sanitizer forms an invisible nano biostatic layer on the hand's surface that can physically rupture germs so that they can’t survive or adapt to become resistant; the layer stays bonded to the skin surface through touching and hand washing, protecting you until your body naturally sheds the outermost skin cells – which is about every 24 hours
  • MOISTURIZING, RICH FOAM: Everest alcohol free hand sanitizer is a moisturizing foam that leaves your hands soft, smooth and maintains your skin’s natural pH; the hand sanitizer foam also doesn't leave any gel residue (which could actually attract more germs) like conventional gel sanitizers do
  • A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY: you get a lot more protection in each bottle of Everest hand sanitizer; 1 travel size bottle offers the same amount of protection as thirty four gallons of a leading alcohol-based sanitizer; and you only have to apply once per day
  • SPECIFICATIONS OF EVEREST ALCOHOL FREE HAND SANITIZER: every travel 4 pack contains 4 travel size bottles (1.7 oz each); alcohol and fragrance free

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