Wowe Lifestyle Tongue Scraper Cleaner - Eco-Friendly Metal - Get Rid of Bad Breath, and Halitosis - Pack of 2 (Stainless Steel)



tongue cleaner

tongue cleaners 

Wowe Lifestyle Copper Tongue Cleaner

Wowe is today’s brand of choice for environmentally and hygiene conscious men, women and children. Its pure copper tongue cleaner is highly flexible and completely smooth creating the perfect design to reach the surface of your entire tongue and will not cause gagging reflexes or scratches.

Why Copper?

Up to 95% of copper is made from recycled material, is toxin free and 100% recyclable. If copper is not recycled and makes its way into the landfills it will not leak any toxins into the soil or groundwater. Copper has a incredible long life span, the Wowe Copper tongue cleaners will last you a lifetime.

  • Small or big you can bend the tongue cleaner to perfectly fit your mouth.
  • Zero plastic packaging
  • Made to last a lifetime
  • Every pack includes 2 tongue cleaners
  • WIll not rust

tongue cleaners

tongue cleanerstongue cleanerstongue cleanerstongue cleaners
tongue cleaner 


Wowe tongue cleaners are available in solid copper.

tongue cleaners 

Stainless Steel

Also available in surgical grade stainless steel

tongue cleaner 

Oral Hygiene

It is recommended to use a tongue cleaner to get rid of the buildup on your tongue. After brushing your teeth plaque is left behind on your tongue, the tongue cleaner will get rid of the excess giving you a cleaner and better smelling mouth.


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