Wowe Lifestyle Tongue Scraper Cleaner - Eco-Friendly Metal - Get Rid of Bad Breath, and Halitosis - Pack of 2 (Copper)



  • INCLUDES 2 TONGUE CLEANERS: Choosing this copper tongue cleaner means that you can keep your tongue clean while also protecting the planet at the same time. This protection is increased by the fact that this tongue cleaner comes in plastic free packaging.
  • COPPER TONGUE CLEANER, WILL NOT RUST: Copper tongue cleaners are an ideal choice as they do not contain plastic which is damaging to the environment. Plastic can take as long as 1,000 years to decompose. The result is the pollution of the planet.
  • CURVED DESIGN AND SMOOTH SURFACE: The curve and smooth surface which are included in the design of the Wowe tongue cleaner make it an ideal choice for easily cleaning the entire length of your tongue.
  • ADJUSTABLE FOR EASY MOUTH FIT: You can use a toothbrush as instructed and still not clean your tongue effectively. A tongue cleaner is the best thing to use to reduce build up and keep your tongue in a clean condition.
  • SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING: Plastic free packaging. No plastic bags, no plastic filling, and no plastic tape!

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